I Like Toys

Some of my Marvel Legends Avengers by Toy Biz and Hasbro

Of the many decades I’ve spent breathing on this planet, much of it has been spent daydreaming about toys. Action figures, toy vehicles, playsets, games, model trains, toy guns & swords, to name a few. As I grew into teenage-hood, electric guitars and associated gear were added to the list. Into adulthood, mountain bikes and road bicycles became the next obsession, soon followed by a revolving assortment of Vespa scooters and various Japanese and British motorcycles.

The intensity and attention to all of the above has ebbed and flowed over the years. However, the one that has had the longest staying power for me is little (sometimes big) plastic representations of the heroes & heroines, creatures & monsters, spaceships & robots, and all of the accessories and play sets that orbit them. I’ve worked in various creative industries for thirty-plus years now, and without a doubt, the obsession I had and still have for toys has fueled countless inspirations in my various jobs over the years.

Just being the pop culture-minded middle-age Gen-X’er that I am, combined with the amazing variety of action figure-related toys that exist today, might be enough to have prompted starting this site. But the more I think about it, I think it’s also an opportunity for me to be the most authentic “toy nerd” me, without being constrained by other voices or rules and constructs on other online toy-related socials and online communities. Not that I have anything against those things (I belong to a few), but here I can serve up my flavor of toy musings however I choose to. Up, up, and away!


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